About Us


We are an aviation resources company in Indonesia that is committed to deliver the best possible aviation solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements, with a focus on safety, operating feasibility and the development of world-class aviation standards in this nation. Our assurance is founded on the use of best practices by our highly qualified professionals to uphold the technical and operational standards in the industry.

Our consultants are pilots and engineers who have trained and worked in various countries across the globe, serving both military and well-established civil organisations for over four decades.
Our pilots have flown a wide range of challenging missions on onshore and offshore oil and gas industry support role in all weather conditions, day and night.

Our engineers, on the other hand, have proven their ability to work on an extensive array of aircrafts by having gained experience from various organisations and through direct training from aircraft and engine makers at their manufacturing plants.

As an added advantage, all of our senior consultants have held supervisory and management level positions in their career.

“We are proud to have well recognized and credible group of professionals on board”