Our Services

Wing Umar Sadewa Aviation Resources provides the following services to its client :

  • Aviation safety and Audit
  • Aircraft and operational due diligence
  • Aviation business setup and management
  • Helideck design, commissioning and inspection
  • Helicopter maintenance and support
  • Avionic support, maintenance and upgrades
  • Aircraft spares and support
  • Aviation personnel recruitment
  • EMS (Emergency Medical Service)

Wing Umar Sadewa Aviation Resources Training List:

  • Safety Management System (Southern California Safety Institute) – Mandatory training from ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • Helicopter Landing Officer
  • Helideck Assistant
  • Aerodrome SMS Training Courses
  • Aviation in English
  • Accident and Investigation
  • Airworthiness
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Flight Dispatch training courses
  • Flight Dispatch recurrent training courses
  • Maintenance training courses
  • Medical Oriented
  • Operation Training Courses
  • Offshore Helideck Operation Workshop for OIM

Helicopter Fuel Tank

  • We provide Avtur fuel mobile browser unit for Mubadala Petroleum, Chevron and Travira Air